These fucking kids make me wanna blow my brains out.
  How do you cope with students who use their internet savvy for terror? Isabelle, the protagonist of Theory, is a professor of film theory who becomes the victim of a malicious student. What begins as benign postings on the class discussion board by a student named Richard escalates to aggressive harassment; every disciplinary action Isabelle takes against Richard is met by increasingly invasive violations. She is fraught with paranoia because she has never met her tormentor. She is disturbed when she learns no one will help her. She struggles to remain strong against belligerent students and a chauvinistic hierarchy that withholds respect from this young female professor. No one takes Isabelle seriously -- sometimes, including herself. She is insecure about her authority because she speaks the students' vernacular and understands the same technology. Isabelle, like university itself, is the bridge from young na´vetÚ to mature responsibility; from being invincible to being accountable.

The play's combination of theatre, cinema, and new media allows for intertextual storytelling, fitting for a theory professor who is obsessed with reading into films and reading into the behaviour of her tormentor. Theory speaks with the same technological savvy of its characters to investigate the dangers of how we communicate today.

AUGUST, 2010: Production in Toronto as part of SummerWorks Theatre Festival

MARCH, 2010: Staged reading at Alumnae Theatre (Toronto), as part of New Ideas Festival