Life begins when you move away.
  The son is leaving. Hours before the flight, the son and father have a conversation and drink tea. Despite speaking different languages, they reconcile decades of regret, amibition, and silence. The son returns five years later to a changed family, to a mother he hardly recognises. She now wears Jimmy Choo.

Pu-Erh is a portrait of a Chinese-Canadian family who are not recent immigrants, but long-established Canadians who have endured the destructive effects of moving away. Pu-Erh is the shock of waking up from the North American Dream, the New World Dream shattered.

Guangzhou. Vancouver. New York. Language. Youth. Irresponsibility. Mao. Mediocrity. Magic.

The power of Pu-Erh comes from magic: the magic of storytelling, the magic of theatre, the magic of communication. When the characters fail to communicate, therein lies honesty.
  Pu-Erh is the title of the full-length play.

Pu-Erh is Act One.
Jasmine is Act Two.
Chrysanthemum is Act Three.

MAY, 2010: Premiere production at Theatre Passe Muraille (Toronto) and Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

JANUARY, 2010: Workshop presentation at Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

JUNE, 2008: Staged reading at Factory Theatre (Toronto), as part of fu-GEN Theatre Company's Potluck Festival

Herman Voaden National Playwriting Competition -- Honourable Mention, 2009
Canada Council for the Arts Grant, 2007, 2009
Ontario Arts Council Grant, 2009
Toronto Arts Council Grant, 2006, 2009