The world is Benetton out there!
  Mandy worked so so hard on this audition. She learned Mandarin. She drank bubble tea. She put chili bamboo shoots in her spaghetti. Still, she didn't get the role. Why not? Because she's not the right type? What's the right type? She demands to know why and she'll become a panda while you tell her.

Mandy Panda is an Absurdist multi-media performance happening involving subversive slide projections, improvised toy glockenspiel, and panda mayhem. This piece exposes the hypocrisy of minorities wanting to play characters written as white, yet who decry white actors who play non-white characters.
  "Indie Rock Equivalent: Panda Bear covering Neutral Milk Hotel = b-side rarity/mondo weirdness."
-- Chandler Levack, Eye Weekly
  "Mandy Panda is about an actress desperately wanting to be cast as a panda, and it's both HILARIOUS and SMART."
-- Jen McNeely, She Does the City

MAY, 2009: Production at Jamie's Area (Toronto), as part of Over the Top Festival

AUGUST, 2007: Production at The Tranzac Club (Toronto), preceding 36 Little Plays about Hopeless Girls by Aurora Stewart de Peņa