Why do we read biographies of celebrities? Why is there commotion when famous people write their memoirs? Why do we care what celebrities think, how they vote, what they wear, who they sex, what their stories are? Because they are more "qualified"? How and why are their stories more qualified to be heard than someone else's?

Instead of biographies of "qualified" people, I'd like to read and hear biographies of everyone else. Regular folks' stories are just as interesting, just as deserving to be shared. Answers & Questions is our chance to hear the stories of the accomplished, the unaccomplished, the popular, the unpopular, the excellent, the unexcellent. This is our chance to learn about the woman fixing your bicycle. The man checking out your groceries. The teacher of your youngest daughter. The doctor you never want to give up. The professor you can't forgive. The man on the corner. The woman on the bench.

Contact me about this and we'll make it happen.