November, 2006
  Yes, it's true. After over four years of co-habitation with me, my roommate is moving out to live with her boyfriend. That means that I have a room available. Here are tons of details:

- Queen Street West, at Augusta
- spacious two-bedroom apartment
- two floors
- two bathrooms
- separate kitchen
- fully furnished
- you can move in soon or in January


- you can't beat the location. You really can't
- I live in the Fashion District (the city's term, not mine), so I'm surrounded by fabric stores, boutiques, and stuff like that. I'm also super close to Kensington Market, Chinatown, Little Italy, Portugal Village, and of course West Queen West and Parkdale
- I walk everywhere. Or bike, or occasionally public transit. This apartment is close to pretty much everything you need. Within a few blocks I can eat awesome brunch, shop for import records, enjoy fine tea, buy Digital Beta tapes, go see a play, buy Super 8 film, get Super 8 film processed, visit innumerable arts organisation offices, buy bok choy, buy a real Eames chair, browse antique books, repair my bicycle, visit Toronto's most progressive art galleries, go see an independent film or Hollywood gack, rent a 1927 Danish film, rent a 2004 Korean revenge film, eat cheap dinner, eat expensive dinner, check out the greatest bands, go drinking go drinking go drinking, dance dance dance, and stumble home... All within a few blocks
- 24-hour public transit outside my doorstep
- you can hail a cab within 15 seconds
- my big front windows overlook Queen Street, which is better than television
- I have a wonderful relationship with the landlord and we can do anything we want in the apartment. Imagine having a landlord who doesn't breathe down your neck. Go ahead and smoke, I don't care. Play super loud music... no one cares


- please be appreciative of art and culture
- NO TOP 40 MUSIC except in the privacy of your bedroom with headphones
- interesting music encouraged
- this apartment is happily analogue. I hope you don't have a home theatre system with widescreen HD television and fifteen speakers etc. Oh, I have high-speed internet!


$650 + utilities

People from outside of Toronto are welcome. Americans, too. If you're not familiar with Toronto, be assured that my neighbourhood is fun, convenient, safe, and quite desireable.

Contact me.

-- Norman